No Stars Left is a Shmup with no scrolling, instead your task is to protect the Space Station from waves of deadly spaceships! How long will you survive the assault?

This Game was made for the GBJAM7, which only had a GameBoy theme.

  • Shoot enemies and loop scrap to upgrade your abilites, including being able to reflect enemy projectiles!
  • Defy danger and get as close to projectiles as you can to recharge the Reflect Energy faster!

Developed by Icefox (@zettaizorro)

    • Move: Key Arrows / Gamepad Analog & D-pad
    • Start Button: Enter / Start
    • A Button (Shoot): X Key / Circle (DS4)  B (XBOX1)
    • B Button (Reflect): Z Key / Cross (DS4)  A (XBOX1)
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Space
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

  • Windows
    • Download the .zip, extract the files and open the .exe
  • Linux
    • Download the .zip, extract the files, change the executable's permissions in its properties, then open it.


NoStarsLeft_win64.zip 14 MB
NoStarsLeft_win32.zip 14 MB
NoStarsLeft_linux64.zip 16 MB
NoStarsLeft_linux32.zip 16 MB


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This was a nice game! 

Some thoughts:

  • The fire rate in the beginning was a bit slow, which made combat a bit jarring. I think if the fire rate started at 0.3 seconds, it'd be better.
  • The reflect ability detects bullets too late most of the time. If the shield reflected the moment the button was pressed, reflecting would feel way more responsive.
  • I really liked the overall aesthetic of the game! The pixel art is nice, and the fact that you utilized the Gameboy palette so well is impressive. 
  • The enemy variety was also pretty nice! I have no idea how to make bullet patterns, so seeing someone pull it off in Godot is mind-boggling for some reason.

Overall, it was pretty fun, even with its issues. Good work :D