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About the Game:

A Metroidvania-like game, Mist must defeat "The Mana Guardians" to destabilize the world's Mana, thus saving her life, but at the expense of destroying the pillar where the World hangs delicately.



  • Z/X Button: Attack
  • X/A Button: Jump
  • C/Y Button: Switch weapon
  • W/LB: Show Map


-Programming/Gameplay: Icefox (@ZettaiZorro)
-Concept/Sprites: Navietta (@Navietta)
Tilesets: Luis Zuno (@ansimuz)
Music/sfx: YouFulca (https://wingless-seraph.net)


ProjectMist_v3[IGMC SUBMIT].zip 30 MB


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Hey! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to add the Boss of the area on time, so unfortunately there's no final battle as closure, hope you can understand and enjoy the demo!